Our Curriculum

We encourage learning through our daily educational activities. We incorporate elements of Montessori, creative curriculum, and our diverse enrichment program, under the guidance of nurturing professionals and experienced staff, to encourage each child to be confident of one’s abilities and sensitive to the needs of others.

About Montessori

The Montessori Method was created by Maria Montessori (1870 - 1932), an Italian doctor, pedagogue and scientist. A Montessori school places children in an exciting and stimulating environment where all activities are thoroughly developed to ideally suit the children’s needs. The Montessori Method encourages knowledge through activity, providing an effortless learning environment. During the day, your child can choose the work that is attractive to them and well suits their interests, thus fostering a child’s natural love for education and gradually establishing their motivation towards the future goals. Children are not held back or pushed forward according to the learning rates of their peers. Each child has different abilities and interests and is allowed to work on something until he/she masters it. This is important because some children are visual learners, some are auditory learners, some learn through body movement and feeling, and some use a combination of several learning avenues. Your child will be learning awareness for others and the fact that you have to take care of the things that are shared. Your child will be treated with respect and dignity. Montessori recognized that children deserve and need to be treated with the same respect that we treat adults. Montessori recognized that when a child’s interest is involved, any subject becomes fascinating. Each child’s individual interest would be explored throughout the Montessori curriculum.

About Creative Curriculum

Kinder Prep Montessori incorporates Creative Curriculum to make your child’s class a fun, informative environment. The Creative Curriculum is an outline that emphasizes social and emotional development to help children acquire essential skills for success in school and life. Children are taught skills through thematic topics such as All About Me, transportation, community helpers, aquatic animals, dinosaurs.... Children learn daily life skills, social skills, communication skills, through hand-on activities. Teachers serve as guides to our students, helping them acquire the knowledge necessary to be ready for Kindergarten. Our goal is to help develop a well-rounded child who is curious, self-confident, and a good citizen.