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Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool

Discover our top-rated Brooklyn daycare and preschool center in Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg. We welcome children ages 3 months to 4 years old and offer month-to-month tuition with no commitment or annual contract. Our program includes flexible scheduling options, 3 nutritious meals daily, a Spanish Immersion Program, and Enrichment Classes including Cooking, Chess, Dance, Music & Sign language, Spanish language, Science Lab, Abacus Mental Math, and Soccer, led by certified professionals. Embracing Montessori principles, we foster independence, a love for learning, outdoor exploration and more. Schedule a tour below to explore our space and learn more!


Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool

Discover our top-rated Brooklyn daycare and preschool center in Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg. We welcome children aged 3 months to 5 years old and offer month-to-month tuition with no commitment or annual contract. Our program includes flexible scheduling options, 3 nutritious meals daily, and enrichment classes including Cooking, Chess, Dance, Music & Sign language, Spanish language, Science Lab, Abacus Mental Math, and Soccer, led by certified professionals. Embracing Montessori principles, we foster independence, a love for learning, outdoor exploration and more. Schedule a tour below to explore our space and learn more!

Enrichment Classes

Each enrichment class is conducted by a professional in that field. Children learn Music & Sign Language, Soccer, Dance & Gymnastics, Cooking, Spanish, Abacus Math, Chess, and more.

Daily Outdoor Activities

We've selected our center's locations specifically with a private outdoor space on the premises or to be conveniently located in one of the best parks in Brooklyn.

3 Nutritrious Meals Daily

We provide 3 nutritious breakfast, lunch, and pm snack meals included in our tuition and offer vegetarian options and cater to dietary restrictions and food allergies.

No Annual Contract

We give families the option the to pay their tuition on a month-to-month basis - no annual commitment. Make the best decision for your family and child each month.

Educationally Enriching Curriculum

We incorporate Creative Curriculum, elements of Montessori, and diverse enrichment classes under the guidance of nurturing professionals and experienced staff.

Introducing Our New
Spanish Immersion Program! 🎉

Get ready for an exciting journey as our Kinder Prep scholars, from 12 months to 4 years old, dive into a brand new vibrant Spanish Immersion Program! Included in our tuition, this immersive experience enriches language skills and cultural understanding in a fun and engaging way. From storytelling to singing songs, each activity is designed to immerse children in the Spanish language and culture. Our team of highly trained and child-loving educators is committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where little ones can develop language and social skills while having fun. Don’t worry, English won’t be left behind! While one teacher leads in Spanish, another will continue nurturing their English skills for a balanced bilingual education. This program complements our popular Spanish enrichment classes, deepening their fluency and appreciation for the language.

About Us

At Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool, we specialize in providing exceptional childcare services for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, ages 3 months to 4 years old. Kinder Prep Montessori, which is proudly Quality Stars NY certified, offers a comprehensive curriculum seamlessly integrating Montessori philosophies and creative approaches, delivering a well-rounded early childhood experience enriched with stimulating daily activities. Our dynamic programs foster a lifelong love of learning, empowering children to explore their unique skills and interests. Our nurturing environment prepares them to confidently embark on any path they choose, equipped with the necessary tools and a solid foundation for success. Visit us to experience the Kinder Prep Montessori difference!

Enroll Now for Our 2024 Summer Camp!

Our Summer Camp program includes a diverse range of Enrichment Classes, nutritious meals, and exciting outdoor activities. Our specialist-led enrichment classes, such as Dance, Music, Spanish, Chess, Abacus Math, Cooking, Soccer, and Science Lab, keep children engaged and learning throughout the summer months.

Our Summer Camp features numerous outdoor activities at Brooklyn Bridge Park at our Brooklyn Heights location and at Domino Park as well our private outdoor playground in our Williamsburg location. Children will enjoy daily picnics, scavenger hunts, outdoor Zumba classes, Soccer sessions, and water play activities at the Water Lab & Splash Pad, fully experiencing the wonders of the nearby parks. Every summer Friday at Kinder Prep, our little ones are treated to thrilling shows and performances, including magic shows, bubble shows, character-themed events, circus shows, live animal shows, and so much more!

Our Enrichment Program

Chess Class

Our Chess Enrichment Class is designed to nurture young minds and unlock their full potential. This timeless strategy game offers numerous cognitive and developmental benefits, such as increased IQ levels, problem-solving skills, enhanced concentration, memory, logical thinking, critical analysis, and creativity. Under the guidance of National Master of Chess Vladimir Bugayev and his team, our students will develop a strong foundation in chess techniques and strategies. Our personalized teaching approach ensures each child receives the attention and support needed to excel and grow into strategic thinkers and problem solvers, ready to take on the world.

Young girl playing chess in a daycare setting


At our Cooking Enrichment Class, we encourage your child's creativity through engaging cooking and baking lessons. Our instructors guide young chefs in exploring the culinary world, providing practical experience with essential skills like reading, following directions, and measuring. Participating in our Cooking Enrichment Class, children develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and early concepts of math and science, all while having fun. This hands-on program nurtures their curiosity, fosters a sense of accomplishment, and cultivates a love for cooking that can last a lifetime. By offering a diverse range of recipes and techniques, we aim to inspire creativity, promote healthy eating habits, and instill an appreciation for diverse flavors and cultures.

Dance & Gymnastics

Our Dance and Gymnastics Enrichment Class is a weekly delight for our young students! Taught by certified professionals, these classes encourage rhythm, self-expression, coordination, and spatial awareness through engaging movement activities. As they progress, children will improve their balance, flexibility, and strength, building a strong foundation for a lifetime of physical activity and creative expression.


Our one of a kind Science Enrichment Class brings a unique, interactive, and enjoyable learning experience to spark your child's interest in the wonders of science. Under the guidance of professionals from @dr.marvelscience, children participate in safe and vibrant hands-on experiments designed to ignite their curiosity. The class covers the fundamentals of various scientific fields, including chemistry, physics, Earth science, and food science. Through engaging activities and age-appropriate lessons, children will broaden their imagination and knowledge, fostering a lifelong passion for learning and discovery and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Music & Sign Language

Our Music & Sign Language Enrichment Class, led by certified professionals from My Baby Fingers, seamlessly combines the power of music and sign language, offering children a fun, interactive, and educational experience.

In our Music & Sign Language Enrichment Class, children will be introduced to the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL) through entertaining songs, rhymes, and interactive activities. This comprehensive program fosters socialization, self-expression, and language development, providing a valuable head-start for young minds. Sign language empowers children with the extraordinary ability to communicate with their caregivers and peers, even before they can speak. This form of early communication enhances bonding, reduces frustration, and promotes a better understanding of the world around them. 

By incorporating sign language into our daycare and preschool curriculum, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment that caters to the diverse needs of our students. Our expert instructors from My Baby Fingers ensure that each child receives personalized attention, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Abacus Mental Math

Our Abacus Mental Math Enrichment Class is designed to help your child learn essential math skills through the ancient art of abacus calculation. This engaging class offers a unique learning experience, combining mental math strategies with hands-on abacus techniques to enhance your child's mathematical abilities. It covers fundamental arithmetic operations, such as addition and subtraction, while also fostering skills in problem-solving, concentration, and mental agility.

By using the abacus as a powerful learning tool, children develop a strong number sense, improve their calculation speed, and build a solid foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, students receive personalized attention, ensuring they progress at their own pace and fully grasp the abacus techniques.


Our energetic Soccer Enrichment Class is designed to keep your child active, healthy, and engaged while learning the fundamentals of soccer.

Our classes are held in the private, spacious playground at our Williamsburg location and at the scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park at our Brooklyn Heights center, providing the perfect setting for fun and fitness. Our Soccer Enrichment Class offers children an opportunity to develop essential physical skills, such as cardiovascular health, coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Additionally, this program instills important values like teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance, shaping well-rounded individuals both on and off the field.

Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, students receive personalized attention to help them master soccer techniques and strategies, ensuring a positive and enjoyable learning experience. With this class, children not only build a strong foundation in the sport but also cultivate lasting friendships and memories.

Spanish Language

Our engaging Spanish Enrichment Class is a key component of our enrichment program designed to foster your child's multilingual development. Our immersive Spanish language classes offer a valuable opportunity for children to expand their linguistic abilities and unlock numerous cognitive benefits.

Participating in our Spanish Enrichment Class, children will experience an enhancement in problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, as well as improvements in memory, concentration, and multitasking abilities. Learning a second language not only broadens their horizons but also equips them with essential skills for future academic and professional success. Our engaging lessons and interactive activities promote cultural appreciation and spark a lifelong love for language learning. Watch our little ones flourish as confident and capable multilingual individuals, ready to embrace the diverse world around them!

Lasting Memories at Kinder Prep!


What Parents Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool?

If you're looking for a top-quality preschool, daycare, or childcare facility, Kinder Prep Montessori is the place to go. With a Montessori-based curriculum and experienced teachers, Kinder Prep Montessori provides a nurturing and enriching environment for young children. With various enrichment programs, including chess, dance, gymnastics, sign language, Spanish language, and cooking, children can develop a variety of skills and interests. Additionally, Kinder Prep Montessori offers flexible full-time and part-time scheduling options and no annual contract, giving families the freedom to choose what works best for them.

Which areas of Brooklyn do you service? 

Our Williamsburg center is located near two blocks from the lovely Williamsburg waterfront, at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge and directly across the street from Domino Park. It's a very convenient location to the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bed Stuy, Clinton Hill, Navy Yard and Fort Greene.

Our Brooklyn Heights center is located in the Landing Building, near Pier 6 in beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park. It's easily accessible to the neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook and Boreum Hill.

Which enrichment classes do you offer?

Both of our daycare centers offer cooking, Spanish language, science, chess, dance, music, sign language, and soccer enrichment classes led by certified professionals in each field. Visit our enrichment classes page to learn more.

Do you participate in NYC Department of Education Early Childhood Programs?

Yes! We recently announced in our blog how thrilled we are to participate in NYC's 3-K program starting September 2022. We're currently offering full day seats, from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 2:20 PM. In addition to all of the amazing enrichment classes that we offer, healthy nutritious meals will also be provided!

To apply for our 3-K program, please use our school code 13P0333K on the portal. We are limited to 13 seats, so apply now!

Which ages do you accept for enrollment? 

Whether your child is an infant, toddler or older, we provide child care services, including nursery, day care, preschool and pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) to children ages 3 months to 5 years old.

Is it true that you offer date night for parents?

That's right! One of the many offerings that make Kinder Prep a family favorite is our monthly date night where parents have the opportunity to spend some quality time and leave their children in our care in the evening!

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